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Tru Earth is a line of eco-friendly products our families can purchase through our own online store. CWA will earn 20% of the profit from every purchase, which will help fulfill  our fundraising needs while doing the earth a great deal of good! All products purchased ship directly to you, with free shipping.

Tru Earth Eco-Strips are the smartest way to clean laundry. They are ultra-concentrated,  hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly; just one strip will power through dirt and grime in all types of  washing machines.  You’ll also find other eco-friendly products on our online store (produce bags, wool dryer  balls, washable makeup remover pads, metal straws, bamboo cutlery…) 

Please share our school store with friends and family everywhere. Our school will earn profits on their purchases as well. 



Mabel's Labels


  • Label everything that is going into the classroom:  lunch boxes, backpacks, clothing, shoes, jackets, school supplies, masks..etc.
  • Kids and Adult face masks now available
  • Reduce Lost and Found
  • Help support CWA: 20% of sales goes to the school

To order:

  • Click on this Mabel’s Labels icon below to be taken to the CWA order page


Executive 2021-2022

Nathalie Tremblay President
Barbara Giallo Vice-President
Laura D'Adamo Treasurer
Celine Peron Secretary
Mariana Vetro Membership Chair


Email us at: cwahands@lbpearson.ca


Agendas & Minutes

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  Agenda Minutes Meeting Date
    September 20, 2023






Minutes Meeting Date
  June 7, 2023
  June 7, 2023 (Annual General Meeting)
  May 17, 2023
  April 12, 2023
  March 22, 2023
  February 15, 2023
  January 18, 2023
  December 7, 2022
  November 16, 2022
  October 19, 2022
  September 21, 2022



Documents & Forms

  Membership Form 2023-2024
  Green Committee Activities Report 2019-20
  2019-20 H&S President's Report
  CWA Membership Form