For Parents - Parent Participation Organization (PPO)

Parents are invited to become members or attend the monthly Governing Board and Parent Participation Organization (PPO) meetings. Elections for membership on these committees take place each year prior to September 30th of each school year.

Functions of the Parent Participation Organization

  • To promote participation of the parents in the development, implementation and periodical evaluation of the school’s educational project.
  • To encourage parents’ participation in their child’s schooling.
  • To advise the Governing Board or the Principal on any matter they are required to submit to or about which the parents are concerned.


Members 2019-2020

  • Tina Beaudoin
  • Laura D'Adamo
  • Barbara Giallo
  • Louise Gingerysty
  • Nicky Giulietti
  • Tara Longtin
  • Victoria Louie
  • Carla Russo
  • Nathalie Tremblay