For Parents - Governing Board

All Governing Board meetings are open to the public, and we welcome you to attend. Notices regarding the meeting dates and times are publicized monthly in the Globe Newsletter (which you can find by looking for “Newsletters” under the “For Parents” menu.

Meetings are generally held in the staff room at the school at 6:30 p.m. unless otherwise specified.

Any parents wishing to bring a concern to the attention of the Governing Board may do so through the following email address: childrens_world_gb@lbpearson.ca

We ask that you please keep in mind that the Governing Board addresses concerns of a general nature as opposed to individual concerns. Individual matters should be addressed either with your child’s classroom teacher or other school staff member or the school principal.

Please check out this link to the LBPSB web page which has extensive information about Governing Boards, their powers and functions, rules of operation as well as many other useful resources related to Governing Boards.


Composition of the Governing Board

CWA opted to have 18 representatives on its Governing Board. These include:

  • 8 parent representatives

  • 7 staff representatives (teaching and non-teaching)

  • 1 daycare services representative

  • Up to 2 community representatives


Members 2019-2020

Parent Members Staff Members

André Asch

Alvern Bunn

Karine Bassal

Anita Coretti

Genevieve Emond

Francesca Gravano

Susan Mintzberg

Elisa Sebastiano

Christine Arvanitakis

Julieta Ascencio
Support Staff

Tania D'Alessandro

Kim Harkness

Mathieu Lavallée

Patricia O’Malley

Emmanuel Tremblay

Guy Walker

Tony Di Vittori


Agendas & Minutes

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  Agenda Minutes Meeting Date
June 16, 2020
  May 26, 2020
  -- -- No April Meeting
  March 10, 2020
  February 11, 2020
  December 10, 2019
  November 12, 2019
  October 8, 2019







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  Parents' Annual General Assembly & Governing Board Elections Invitation
September 8, 2020

Annual Report 2018-2019

  Governing Board Functions & Responsibilities