IB Parental Involvement - General Information


Strong parent involvement is an important part of daily life at Children’s World Academy. Parents are involved through their membership on committees that are vital to our functioning, such as our school’s Governing Board, and PPO (Parent Participation Organization). Parents are also present as volunteers filling any of a number of essential roles, from helping to run the library, to supervising field trips, to organizing special school-wide events. 

We also want parents to understand how the PYP works, and to also be active participants in the programme itself. Parents can do so in a number of key ways: 

  • Sharing professional and personal experiences through class visits 
  • Using the IB vocabulary at home with their children 
  • Helping us to recognize students for demonstrating one of the Learner Profile Attributes in their daily lives 
  • Encouraging their children to participate in “Community Service” activities 
  • Asking their child inquiry-type questions 


Below are links to a number of documents that will help you do these things: 


Learner Profile Related Vocabulary

We encourage our parents to use the vocabulary related to the IB programme with their children at home. 

Click here to find out more about how to apply the terminology of the Learner Profile in your child’s life outside of school.


I See IB / Je vois l'IB

When your child has clearly demonstrated some attribute of the Learner Profile, let us know! You can do this by filling out an “I See IB” card, and sending it in to your child’s teacher. These cards are kept in students’ portfolios and demonstrate their progress as they develop the Learner Profile.

Click here for copies of the I See IB card in English

Click here for copies of the Je vois l'IB card in French


I Wonder / Je Me Demande

Inquiry-based teaching and learning is a fundamental element of the PYP. One of the ways in which we actively encourage students to develop the critical thinking skills central to this pedagogical approach is by helping them to formulate questions about what they are learning or what they want to learn about. Students’ questions about a wide variety of topics and issues are posted in the lobby of the school on our “I wonder/Je me demande” board, and a few are read out at monthly assemblies. You can get involved too by helping your child to articulate a question that he / she may have been wondering about. Your child can write out a question on the “I wonder/Je me demande” form and bring it in to his/her teacher. 

Click here for copies of this form in English and French.


For more information, please contact our PYP coordinator Mr. Guy Walker at gwalker@lbpearson.ca.