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Mr. Tony Di Vittori


September 27, 2017

Welcome back to a new school year! We have had a smooth start to the school year and things are well underway.

We had a very good turnout for both the Curriculum Night and the Governing Board’s Annual General Assembly. I’d like to thank everyone who attended these evenings and all those that came to introduce themselves to me and welcome me to the CWA community.

In the first weeks of school, classes have attended field trips, helped plant a vegetable garden outside, we have had regularly scheduled grade level staff meetings to review and plan the IBO curriculum, have had four fire drills to date (3 during the day and one in daycare) and one practice lock down. I am truly impressed with the efficiency and calmness in which staff and students handled these practice drills. Please speak to your children about the importance of these drills and that each drill should be taken seriously, be done with calmness, quickly, and in silence.

Please note that homeroom begins at 7:55 AM and students that have not come in with their class group, will be deemed late. One of the special skills or habits children learn over their primary years is that of punctuality. Arriving on time for the beginning of the school day is an important contribution to this learning. Being on time has importance for your child because missing the “set up” or critical information for the day will put your youngster at a disadvantage. It can be difficult for your child to enter a group that has already launched into the day’s work. It is also disruptive to the other children and class teacher. Being late happens to everyone once in a while. When it happens frequently, parents will be contacted and asked to meet. Likewise, children should be in the class after lunch at 12:25 PM. All students arriving late to school must report to the secretary’s office before proceeding to class.

A reminder to all parents/caregivers, our students’ safety is of utmost importance to us all. We ask each and every person:

  • To respect the traffic flow in the designated school bus drop-off and pick-up areas.

  • To respect the traffic speed in a school zone (30 km/h).

  • To ensure the signage in the area is being respected.

  • To respect pedestrian safety (no jay-walking) and walk on sidewalks and designated pathways (not parking lot).

There are days when we are rushed and pressed for time but those few “saved” minutes are not worth a child getting hurt. Thank you for your cooperation.

All forms and notices sent home will be posted on our website and school news and info will also appear on our two official Facebook pages:

I am looking forward to working with the entire teaching and support staff, the CWA parents and community for a successful year.

“Helping children grow into successful adults is one of the most fulfilling challenges life has to offer.”
 (author unknown)

Tony Di Vittori




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Mr. Tony Di Vittori - Principal