Mission and Vision


Mission and Vision


Mission Statement

Children’s World Academy is a microcosm of the world. The mission of the school is to:

  • To educate the whole child, developing each student’s intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and physical competencies

  • To encourage students to become active, compassionate and responsible human beings who are respectful of the plurality of cultures and religious beliefs.

  • To nurture intellectual curiosity and actively involve students in developing good work habits, positive attitude and critical thinking in order to become lifelong learners.

  • To provide students with opportunities to connect the experiences of the classroom to the world outside.

  • To continue to provide a peaceful teaching and learning school environment via our attitudes and conflict management/peer mediation programs.


Vision  Statement

Our vision is to create a school where:

  • All students are encouraged to achieve high academic standards, maximizing their full potential, in a structured inquiry based, international curriculum.

  • All students will be exposed to a well rounded and enhanced program in language arts, mathematics, science, technology, music, arts and physical education.

  • Staff, parents and administrators are all partners in the education and development of all students.




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Mr. Tony Di Vittori - Principal