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IB Information

Programme Description

CWA was and continues to be a multi-cultural community, a microcosm of the world. The educational goals and objectives as described in the Educational Project (See the About Us Menu) reflect both the school’s values and its international-minded nature:

  • to nurture intellectual curiosity and actively involve students in the discovery and acquisition of knowledge

  • to develop good work habits and positive attitude which are essential skills for life-long learning

  • to enable students to observe and establish links between academic subjects and the world around them

  • to respect for the plurality of cultures and religious beliefs within the school

  • to build a sense of commitment to the school community, to the broader community and to society

  • to develop a spirit of international understanding, cooperation and tolerance by enabling the students to recognize the interdependence of human beings in a global perspective


The school’s goals are achieved through:

  • Full-day bilingual Kindergarten

  • Intensive French Immersion in Cycles 1

  • 50/50 French Immersion/English in Cycle 2 and 3

  • Physical Education (120 minutes / week)

  • Extensive intramural/inter-scholastic physical education activities

  • Full music program

  • Introduction of a third language (Spanish) in Cycle 2 and 3

  • Introduction of Italian language as an optional extra-curricular activity for cycles 1-3

  • A non-violence program at all grade levels (k- grade 6), involving conflict management and peer mediation courses; our school has been a proud and active member of Peaceful Schools International (PSI) since Spring 2004. CWA was selected as the PSI school of the month (November 2008) for its commitment to local and international assistance.

  • Social skills programs in Kindergarten, Cycle 1 and 2

  • Enriched programs in English Language Arts, Science, Math and French

  • Cross-curricular information technology application in all areas of the curriculum (Kindergarten-Cycle 3)

  • Implementation of the ERC program into the curriculum with an emphasis on celebration, developing understanding and tolerance, strength in diversity

  • Spiritual animator organizes multi-cultural celebrations, assemblies and invites special guest speakers

  • “Learner Profile attributes” program all grade levels (K- grade 6). Focusing on one IB attribute per month

  • Community service component of our program: students are encouraged to engage in activities on a voluntary basis which contribute to supporting local, national, or international communities. Time spent engaged in these activities is logged in students’ community service cards.

  • Commitment to gaining knowledge about those who are less fortunate, researching how to assist others facing hardship and taking action to create a more positive environment for others to live, learn and grow. Our most recent endeavours include: Supporting a local food bank (HOPE Society); supporting a wide variety of charitable organizations including the Canadian Cancer Society, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Nai Karam, The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, Free The Children - notably last year through the “Brick by Brick” program we raised over $8000, enough to build a school in Haiti; Through Peaceful Schools International we also lend financial support to our sister school – Maso School – in Sierra Leone




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Mr. Tony Di Vittori - Principal