IB Information


IB Information

Criteria for Selection

Because of the demanding nature of the program, all students seeking admission to CWA are tested and interviewed by staff.


Registration of Pupils for CWA

All students seeking entrance to Children’s World Academy are tested.

Students shall be registered at Children’s World Academy in the following order of priority, according to the capacity of the school and the space available at each grade level.

  1. Children who achieve the highest mark will have priority.

  2. Children who have siblings in the school who score the same as students who do not have siblings in the school will have priority.

  3. Children who live in the LaSalle/Verdun territory who score the same as students who live outside the territory will have priority.

  4. Children who will turn 5 as of September 30, in a given year will have priority if they are placed on the waiting list.  

See our Admission Policy for more detailed information about registering at CWA.


CWA Graduates

Students who complete the IBO’s Primary Years Programme (PYP) at the elementary level are well prepared to pursue secondary level studies leading to two diplomas:

  • Diploma of International Secondary Education (Middle Years Programme) from the International Baccalaureate Organization;

  • High School Leaving Diploma from the Ministry of Education.  




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Mr. Tony Di Vittori - Principal